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                  Attempts to steal The Robin Hood Virus

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 220 Because of our continuing efforts to stop illegal activities by large corporations, foreign countries, and black hat hackers, we have become the target of several unscrupulous entities, foreign and domestic. They are trying to discover our identity and location. We have discovered their inquiries by intercepting emails on the MHC Hospital network. They are a group of hackers located in China. If it were possible for them to get their hands on our hardware and software they could create a major catastrophe the likes of which the world has never been seen before. We have entered their network and have determined their identities and their plans. We have setup an electronic transfer of $12,000,000 of their bank balance to our offshore account. We

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 221 then immediately dispersed the amount into several of our other offshore accounts. We expect they will continue their efforts to determine who we are and Where we are located in an effort to steal the device and our software. They are unaware that we cannot be discovered by traditional means. We assume they think we are on the deep web. We will let them continue to believe this. They will spend much time and effort in their quest for The Robin Hood Virus. We have found other email inquiries trying to find us. Another one of the email inquiries into our whereabouts involved black-hat hackers located in Germany. They have been intercepting email at the large oil company where we discovered embezzling. It seems these black hat hackers hacked this oil company to divert oil shipments. They were stopped in

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 222 this effort but continued to monitor their emails. They discovered that we emailed them concerning the theft of money by their CFO. They are trying to find out our I.P. Address. We located their cell phone network and entered their cell phones. We then determined who they were and entered their computer network. Once we were in their system we found all of the hacked computers they entered, the purpose of their intrusion, and the results of their efforts. We immediately set out to destroy their hacking operation. We will do this covertly. We have modified their code to allow their i.p. address and location to display on all hacked systems. We formed a message “We are the Black-Hat hackers that hacked into your system. Our I.P. address is ___.__.__.___ and we are located in Bejing China. Our street address is **, ********,*******”. We have

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 223 placed this message on all of the systems that have been hacked by this team of black-hat hackers. We also modified their source code to not allow any further transmission of information. They cannot find us in their systems and cannot correct the code. We will stay in their systems to monitor activity and prevent further hacking. We also determined their bank account numbers by invading their private computers. We have extracted a total of 18 million dollars from this German hacker team. We have issued them a warning to cease this activity or further extensive punitive punishment will occur. We are also placing our logo: on all of their written communications including email.

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 224 We are neutralizing those inquiries by entering the systems of the inquirer and emptying their bank accounts. We will employ this countermeasure every time we find an inquiry by a group we suspect of being hackers. We also developed the same type of intrusion system we utilize to locate and enter computer systems and use the new technology to enter cell phones. We monitor all suspicious calls and then capture the called number and enter that cell-phone. We then monitor all suspicious calls by screening keywords that we have chosen. When we encounter a keyword we examine their plans and motives. If we determine they are engaged in illegal activities or plotting against the United States we immediately send this information to INSCOM. We are assured that INSCOM will immediately disseminate this information

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 225 and the appropriate necessary action will be initiated. We received an email from INSCOM thru one of our anonymous email addresses. This email informed us of chatter they had intercepted. The subject of the chatter concerned finding the author, the hardware, and the software for The Robin Hood Virus. The location of the chatter was Moscow, Russia. INSCOM passed us the I.P. address of the chatter. We immediately entered the computer associated with this I.P. address. We also entered the cell phones in the area looking for related conversations. We discovered very high-level conversations concerning The Robin Hood Virus. It is obvious that they are assembling a large covert operation involving many black-hat hackers with unlimited resources, software, and equipment. We believe they will use all

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 226 legal and illegal methods to try and discover who we are and where we are. We received another email thru one of our anonymous email addresses stating that they knew who we are and where we were located. This email was from the hacker team in Russia. They must have hacked INSCOM or one of the sites that we hacked to obtain our anonymous email address. They went on to offer us $250,000,000.00 for our hardware and our software. They indicated that if we did not agree to sell that they would take The Robin Hood Virus, its hardware and its software. They assured us that they had the where-with-all to get whatever they wanted. They gave us one week to accept their offer. They also indicated that they represented one of the deputy prime ministers and their orders to acquire The Robin Hood Virus came from a very high place.

                                                    The Robin Hood Virus / 227 They also told us that failure was not one of their options. We sent them an email from one of our other anonymous email addresses that we received their email message and we would respond to their offer in a timely manner.

     Diversion total to date    $1,564,350,000
     Donation total to date     $1,548,000,000

The Robin Hood Virus is in danger. There are groups of hackers wanting to get their hands on our hardware and software. We will attempt to stop them in their tracks. We will also enter databases exposing world secrets including:

The Philadelphia Experiment
The Truth about Roswell
Hacking the NRA
Hacking Russian Oligarchs

Nerbovig, Robert (2015-06-10). The Robin Hood Virus: The Robin Hood Virus Series

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